McFatty Monday Week 2: Nothing like a little motivation…

This weekend, I took Tim to an indoor waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.  And, he wanted to go swimming.

Swimming = Wearing a swimsuit.

And, NO it is not summer, and No, I am not tan, and YES, I’m having major body image issues lately.

So, wearing a swimsuit all weekend does NOT equal my idea of a good time.  (Now, the waterpark was a blast, and Tim loves me no matter what, etc. etc. etc.  but still, wearing the suit– not good at all!)  It was just the smack in the face I needed to get myself on track and committed to making a change for the better.

I came to the realization that I am tired.  I am tired of being the way I am physically.  There is no excuse, I know what to do and how to do it, but just need to DO IT.

Today in an email from The Ripples Project was this quote:

“We have time for whatever we choose to do, so let’s own our choices!”Dr. Mia Cary

So, here I am.  OWNING my CHOICE!  I am owning my choice to be healthier and happier, and will do what I need to do to make that happen.

People talk about being motivated or inspired to lose weight and get healthy, but it is not about motivation or inspiration.  It is about commitment and dedication.  I am making a commitment to myself to do this.  To be honest in my journey.  To celebrate my successes, and learn from my mistakes.  To not let setbacks get me off track.

This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was not happy.  +5.7 lbs. UGH.  I know where each ounce came from- a combination of eating out on our getaway weekend, with a visit from my dearest Aunt, led to extra pounds put on the body.  (Hopefully, after AF leaves, so will some  of those lbs.)

This is me getting back on track.

My goal: Lose 5 lbs 17 times. 18 times- (thanks to my monthly visitor and such.)

Reason: To be healthier for me (and the possibility of a future family) and to be sexier for me and my husband!

How the Heck Am I Going to Make It Happen?: Weight Watchers  Online Meetings; Wii Fit and Biggest Loser once a day, and trips to the YMCA 1-2 days a week, being accountable to the McFatty Monday project each week.

How am I feeling today?: I’m feeling a bit frustrated with myself for not owning my choices, but am feeling good about what I have done right today.  I have made healthy choices today.  I have spent time doing honest reflecting.  I am being accountable to myself via this blog post.

Here is to a Week 2 with new successes.



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4 responses to “McFatty Monday Week 2: Nothing like a little motivation…

  1. Jodi

    So proud of you Mel. You can do it…I have confidence in you!!!! We had our weigh in at my Transitions group today…I’m down 24.6 lbs since November…if you want to know more about transitions let me know! It’s working for me so far! 🙂 Love you!!!

  2. Jodi, that is AWESOME!!! I’m super proud of YOU!

  3. Love the quote! So true. And so relevant when juggling life with a baby…

    This is what McFatty Monday is all about…you have inspired me!!! 🙂

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