McFatty Monday- Week 3

The second week of Mc Fatty Monday has come to an end.  And, it was a very good week!

One of the successes of the week involved portion control.  A few weeks ago Dr. Oz tweeted about married women being heavier than their single counterparts, mostly because married women are more likely to try to “match” their man bite for bite (or close to it.)  I know that I have eaten the same number of pieces of pizza as Tim, or had the same serving at dinner many times.  Hello, he is 8 inches taller than me, AND he is a boy!  I feel like I did great with watching what was going in my mouth during meal time this week, which felt empowering!

I also attended my first live WW meeting.  I had done WW online before and been semi successful in getting some weight off, but felt that this time around I needed to be held more accountable.  I randomly picked a meeting near school off the website, and I really feel I picked the right one.  The leader is fabulous.  She has been doing this for over 30 years.  Her meeting is packed!  And the people there are all full of great ideas to share.  It was a great experience so far.  And, I feel like I did a pretty good job with counting points this week.  I stayed right where I should, and only used a few extras, which is allowed.  So I’m feeling good about my official weigh in tomorrow.

There are definitely three areas I need to work on:  snacking after school, drinking enough water throughout the day, and getting in some exercise!  After school, I am there working, and just need to find something to eat!  It is so frustrating.  I try to plan healthy snacks to bring with me, but so far I am just not satisfied.  I am going to try a few things with protein and some fruit/ veggies, and hopefully that will help!  I also have not been drinking enough water.  I am thirsty and dry this week, and definitely need to bump this up!  I have a gazillion water bottles here at home, but need to make a conscious effort to have a fresh one with me every day.  And lastly, the only exercise I have been getting in is on the Wii Fit.  It’s fun, and yes burns calories, but I need to get some more sweat time in.

This is me getting back on track.

My goal: Lose 5 lbs 17 times. 18 times- (thanks to my monthly visitor and such.)

Reason: To be healthier for me (and the possibility of a future family) and to be sexier for me and my husband!

How the Heck Am I Going to Make It Happen?: Weight Watchers  OnlineMeetings; Wii Fit and Biggest Loser once a day, and trips to the YMCA 1-2 days a week, being accountable to the McFatty Monday project each week.

How am I feeling today?: I’m feeling pretty good about how last week went.  I feel like I made good choices and am prepared to have a great week!

Where I am at? Let’s just say the  scale is moving down!  Official weigh in is tomorrow, so I will post more then!

Here is to a Week 3 with continued dedication!



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2 responses to “McFatty Monday- Week 3

  1. You can do it! You’re doing great so far! 🙂

    -Mrs B @ Lifewithsweetcheeks.

  2. Mel~ Good luck on this path. I hope this week goes as well for you as last week did.

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