This is how I know my husband loves me.

Yesterday, we FINALLY got a healthy dose of snow around here.  (I am a true Wisconsin girl.  I love my four seasons.  And honestly, this winter has been WEAK- not super cold, not tons of snow… WEAK!  but I digress…)

And although it did not bring a snow day for me, it brought one for my dear, sweet husband.  I reluctantly headed out into the winter wonderland, as he returned to our nice warm bed.  Thankfully, I did not have to teach, as I was at an inservice, so it was sort of a day ‘off’, but I couldn’t help but think of being at home, in our warm bed, and NOT being at work.  I was jealous of my husband and his lazy day, with a cozy bed and maybe some shoveling ahead of him.

I came home after battling the terrible roadways (Milwaukee Public Works do not do well at keeping those city streets clear during storms, let me tell you!) to find my dear, sweet husband shoveling.  I offered to help, but he assured me he had it and to go inside.  I was not going to argue- it was sure nasty out there!

I come into the kitchen to find a dozen roses on our table and mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

This ladies and gentlemen, is TRUE LOVE.

(You should be jealous.)

My dear, sweet husband will admit he is not openly affectionate.  But, he does love me.  He is not a cuddler, but he does little things to show me he cares.  He buys me flowers.  He takes me to Vera to cheer me up/celebrate/say-he’s-sorry.  And he buys me ice cream.

He’s a keeper. For sure.

My dear, sweet husband and me on our wedding day.



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2 responses to “This is how I know my husband loves me.

  1. Aw!! That’s SUPER sweet!!

  2. Lisa

    I love it. Such a sweetheart!!!

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