Thank Goodness for SUNSHINE!

April is here, and with it SUNSHINE!

And all I have to say is THANK YOU, LORD!

Let’s just say February and March were full of the FRUMPIES.  The gloomy weather did not bode well for my spirits.  The past few weeks I have been slowly crawling back on the wagon I started the year on, and it feels pretty darn good!

I apologize to the lack of bloggy goodness lately, but when I was in the frumps, there just wasn’t a whole lot to write about.

It is thursday, and time to be THANKFUL (Thanks, Blair!).  Here is what I am thankful for this week:

1) Opening Day is MONDAY.  I need The Brewers, my girls, tailgating and summer!

2) Spring Break has begun.  WOOHOO.

3) My wonderful husband and his understanding of my love for purses 🙂

4) The Sunshine in the Sky!

5) Having dinner plans with Jodi and Brooke!

6) The fact that my kitchen is ALMOST done, and hopefully will get finished before Easter!

7) Hosting my family on Easter.

8 ) Finding my spunk again after the frumps.

9) Having my own classroom for the next school year!

10) Filling my house with sunshine and warmth with windows wide open!

What are YOU thankful for?



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5 responses to “Thank Goodness for SUNSHINE!

  1. Jen

    Glad you are out of the frumps. I was feeling it too. The weather is def. making it better.

    See you soon!!!

  2. Have fun hosting for Easter!!

  3. I am thankful you are writing in your blog again. O, and for marshmallow peeps!

  4. monica

    Your own classroom?!? LUCKY thats awesome. Hope you enjoy spring time with the kiddos.

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