Running Down a Dream

Today, I laced up my new Adidas Response, said see you later to my hubby, and headed out for a RUN.  Yes, a run.  I have not gone for a run in FOREVER.

It felt amazing.  I was able to clear my head, release some stress, and do something for me.

The best part of running in the city?  The blocks.  I was easily able to run a block/ walk a block, without having to look at a watch, and before I knew it I had run about a mile and a half.  That felt AMAZING!

Since the beginning of the year, I have been struggling with getting back on track to a healthier me.  I would make progress, then slow down, make progress, slow down.  A big part of that was focusing on other things, and allowing myself to be distracted from the ultimate goal of being healthier.

I joined a Zumba class through the rec department and LOVE it!  (Well, except for the time I pulled a muscle in my tailbone… no idea how!)  Taking that class has given me the confidence to try out a few classes at the gym this summer.

I have found that the more I exercise, the more motivated I am to make better choices, the happier I feel, and the more confident in myself I become.

Here’s to hoping this momentum keeps on!



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2 responses to “Running Down a Dream

  1. Jodi

    Melsie! So happy for you! We NEED to run together this summer!!! Love you lots!!!

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