McFatty Monday- July Edition

We immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us.
-Stephen Covey, submitted by Nick P., NJ

This quote came to my email this morning via, and it was perfect for my McFatty Monday post this week!

Over this past month, Tim and I have made a conscious effort to eat healthier food.  We visit our local fruit/veggie market once a week to stock up, we are cooking at home more than going out, and we have eliminated most “junk” from the house (spare a few things of ice cream of course!) 

It has been empowering.  Knowing that what I was putting into my body was good for me and was fuel I needed to live.  And thanks to this, I am down 5 lbs this month (despite crazy heat, hormones, and retaining water like nobody’s business!)

The good news is that even though the scale is not moving a whole lot, I just feel better.  More energized, more healthy, more content.

This month has been about adding more exercise as well.  I have been pathetically preparing for the Sausage Race 5k that is going on next weekend… I’m not too excited as I haven’t been running far, but hoping my improved endurance and good attitude will help pull me through!  Also, I found Aqua Zumba at our local pool.  For just $3, you can shimmy and shake and move and grove in our local outdoor pool.  The instructor is fantastic! and it is totally fun!  Who doesn’t love leaving an exercise class without being soaked in sweat, but then waking up the next day and totally feeling it?  (in a great way of course!)

I just finished reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.  It was her 3rd memoir and focused on her getting healthy.  As always, it was filled with humor, sarcasm, and narcissism, but I appreciated getting a look into her struggles and successes through her process.  (If you haven’t read her, you should.  She is darn funny.)  Being a voyeur into her though processes, definitely helped me connect with my own wants and needs.  It was just what I needed!

So, we will keep on moving forward.  Tracking what I am eating, drinking more fluids than Noah combatted with the ark, and moving more. 

And we will see where we end up next!


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  1. Wow! Five pounds is fantastic! I love all the changes you’re making to reach your goal. And 3 bucks for zumba in the water sounds like a steal!!

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