Why I Walk Wednesdays

This is a new weekly feature on the blog- “Why I Walk Wednesdays.”

On May 14th, I will be participating in my 3rd Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  This weekly feature will highlight the reasons why I walk.  Hopefully, it will raise some awareness, encourage you to walk with me, or even attract some sponsors.


Why I Walk- The Statistics

Did you know 1:110 children are diagnosed with autism?

And make that 1:70 boys!

Did you know that the prevalence rate is increasing 10-17% ANNUALLY?

Did you know that Autism receives 0.5% of the National institute of Health Funds?

Did you know that more children will be diagnosed with Autism this year than childhood cancer, AIDS and diabetes COMBINED?


These statistics blow my mind.  And they seem so overwhelming. 

How can I make a difference?

I walk. 

With each step I take, I show my support. 

With each step I take, I join the battle to find a cure, to support the families, to provide the services. 

My steps make a difference.  I have to believe that, or I lose all hope.


You can help light the way for those with Autism and their families.  Join my walk in Milwaukee, or one in your neighborhood. Or if you are able, make a contribution to my walk team.

Thank you for reading.


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