Why I Walk Wednesday

This past weekend,  I had the joy of volunteering at a Walker’s Workshop event for Walk Now for Autism Speaks Milwaukee.

A few sorority sisters and I got to hang out with some pretty fun kids.  One in particular captured my heart.

B. is 4.

He likes to bounce on balls, loves the color purple (or blue which he will call purple) and loves playing with his V-tech Text and Talk.  He has bright blue eyes and a high pitched voice, and cute as a button.

Watching him look for his mom.  Watching him interact with his mom.  Seeing his face light up when his grandpa came.

He is why I walk.  His family is why I walk.

B. and his family, and the thousands just like them.


They are looking for resources, and advocacy, and research, and support.


“Why I Walk Wednesday” is a series about the reasons I am participating in Walk Now for Autism Speaks Milwaukee.  You can make a contribution here. Or join the team.


April is Autism Awareness Month- what will you do to make a difference?



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  1. Jen

    Love this! You are so awesome, Mel!!

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