Who am I?

Hello, and Welcome to The Reed Feed.  The place where I tell my tales, share my thoughts, and record life.  My name is Melissa.  My husband’s name is Tim.  We’ve been married 2 years, and recently added our dog Clyde to our family.

I am a special education teacher for students with cognitive disabilities and I love what I do.  I enjoy working on projects around our house (which is never ending it seems.)  I love spending time with friends, being outside, playing games, reading, and getting lost on the internet.

I am an active volunteer for my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta.  I am proud to still be involved, and love my sisters from all over the country.  My involvement with Alpha Xi Delta has also sparked my involvement with Autism Speaks.  I volunteer on our local walk planning committee and work to raise awareness and funds for those affected by Autism.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years on and off, and am looking to rekindle my commitment as an outlet for the ramblings and thoughts and ideas in my head.


I hope you will stick around.

Thanks for visiting!



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