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Obama with a Lead Pipe

Last night I had the craziest dream ever.

I was tubing around a pool, holding on for dear life with people from several different parts of my life, and some who I haven’t seen in YEARS!  Then I had to pay for something at a concession stand to one of my BBW managers.  Bizarre, right?

Then I am in an attic room, and we are comparing my brothers to my dad.  Fine.

The strangest part is the whole time the story is progressing, the news was breaking that President Obama hit someone over the head with a lead pipe at the White House.  Seriously.  And I was SO upset and sad that he was going to be in trouble, and lose the presidency.  And George W. Bush was going to fill in until a new election could be held.


What does it mean?  No dream book will analyze that.

Let’s hope tonight, there is a dreamless, restful sleep!


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