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It’s The Holiday Season!

Yesterday, my mom and I had a great day together baking for the holidays!

We gathered the ingredients:

The Ingredients


We picked out the recipes.

Mom consulting the WE Engergies Cookie Book

And we baked…

Rolo Cookies- YUM!


And we baked…

Peanut Butter Blossoms- MY FAVE!

And we baked…

The Truffles.


And we even made some fudge…

And, the squirrels thought it was delicious. (Note: don't cool fudge on your porch)


And it was a grand time.


And now my house is full of goodies.

And all is right with the world!



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I was going to update about the business and goodness that has been going on around here. 

But, I got majorly sidelined today.

Just got a call from my mom, and the results of my dad’s cardiac cath are in…. he needs bypass surgery.


So, the happybusyfun posts will have to wait…

for now, please send prayers if you are of the praying type, good vibes and postive thoughts our way.


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