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Sneaking Away

This weekend Tim and I snuck away to Wisconsin Dells to redeem Tim’s Christmas present.  We spend the weekend at Chula Vista Resort.  It was WONDERFUL!  The resort is a bit off the path, but was well worth the winding roads to find it.  The resort was huge, and set right on the gorgeous (although frozen) Wisconsin River.

Despite the weather being below zero most of the weekend, we had a great time!  Friday night, we were upgraded to a jacuzzi suite, that also had a fireplace and a balcony with a beautiful view, we went straight to the waterpark.  Tim LOVES water, LOVES it, and had to go swimming that night.  We had fun exploring the slides, riding around the action river and just having fun.  It was great.  For those of you who know us, now that when Tim and I go on vacation, someone gets hurt (Tim- sprained ankle in the Dells 2008, Tim- stick in the foot on our honeymoon in 2009).  This time, I flipped over in my tube on Emerald Falls, and conked my knees and chin pretty good.  I was fine and enjoyed the rest of the night.  Flash forward to Saturday afternoon, when riding the “toilet bowl” ride (For the life of me I can’t remember the real name.) Any way, we went down and loved it!  So we did it again, this time, flipping over and me conking my head hard on the slide!  It hurt (and still does!)  We went to first aid, and the girl working there was not interested in making sure my pupils were equal and reactive, or anything.  She got me some ice, and water when I asked for it, but that was about it for her helpfulness. After resting for a bit, I had a headache, but didn’t want to ruin Tim’s weekend, so we went back at it.  It was so nice to be inside swimming and such when it was SOOO cold outside!

Other events of the weekend include my incredible disappointment to find Paul Bunyan’s not open during the winter months.  Seriously, that is the best time for fresh donuts and hot pancakes!  We explored the outlet mall, lounged around and did a whole lot of nothing! We did get a fantastic dinner at the famous Pizza Pub!  And scored a killer deal on their amazing salad bar and buffet.  Quite good.  We ended the weekend with breakfast at the Chula Vista, and an early drive home.

So, after a nice weekend away, we have done some chores, gone grocery shopping, and are now watching the Packer game (hopefully, WIN… what a ping pong match! Never mind, they just lost! 😦 )

(McFatty Monday post coming tomorrow- it’s been brewing all weekend!)


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