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McFatty Monday- July Edition

We immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us.
-Stephen Covey, submitted by Nick P., NJ

This quote came to my email this morning via, and it was perfect for my McFatty Monday post this week!

Over this past month, Tim and I have made a conscious effort to eat healthier food.  We visit our local fruit/veggie market once a week to stock up, we are cooking at home more than going out, and we have eliminated most “junk” from the house (spare a few things of ice cream of course!) 

It has been empowering.  Knowing that what I was putting into my body was good for me and was fuel I needed to live.  And thanks to this, I am down 5 lbs this month (despite crazy heat, hormones, and retaining water like nobody’s business!)

The good news is that even though the scale is not moving a whole lot, I just feel better.  More energized, more healthy, more content.

This month has been about adding more exercise as well.  I have been pathetically preparing for the Sausage Race 5k that is going on next weekend… I’m not too excited as I haven’t been running far, but hoping my improved endurance and good attitude will help pull me through!  Also, I found Aqua Zumba at our local pool.  For just $3, you can shimmy and shake and move and grove in our local outdoor pool.  The instructor is fantastic! and it is totally fun!  Who doesn’t love leaving an exercise class without being soaked in sweat, but then waking up the next day and totally feeling it?  (in a great way of course!)

I just finished reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.  It was her 3rd memoir and focused on her getting healthy.  As always, it was filled with humor, sarcasm, and narcissism, but I appreciated getting a look into her struggles and successes through her process.  (If you haven’t read her, you should.  She is darn funny.)  Being a voyeur into her though processes, definitely helped me connect with my own wants and needs.  It was just what I needed!

So, we will keep on moving forward.  Tracking what I am eating, drinking more fluids than Noah combatted with the ark, and moving more. 

And we will see where we end up next!


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I finally got a Kitchen Aid!


It’s a Kitchen Aid Salad Spinner!

And, it is AMAZING!

We bought some fresh lettuce from our farmer’s market, chopped it up, and threw it in the Salad Spinner, and ended up with an amazing salad.  Amazing.  As in BEST. SALAD. EVER.

We used to be those people who bought salad mixes in a bag full of chemicals and preservative-y taste.  And at $4-$5 a pop, it is pricy to put on the table!

Our salad tonight:

99 cent head of romaine from farmer’s marker

50 cent green pepper

$1.49 cherry tomatoes

Inexpensive, healthy, fresh and totally delish!

And the best part of our salad spinner?  It has dividers so you can spin multiple ingredients at once without mixing them up or bruising them!  I’m super pumped about our new toy!

PS- I definitely think the Salad Spinner excites me more than a stand mixer….(not that I don’t still want one… 🙂 )


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Running Down a Dream

Today, I laced up my new Adidas Response, said see you later to my hubby, and headed out for a RUN.  Yes, a run.  I have not gone for a run in FOREVER.

It felt amazing.  I was able to clear my head, release some stress, and do something for me.

The best part of running in the city?  The blocks.  I was easily able to run a block/ walk a block, without having to look at a watch, and before I knew it I had run about a mile and a half.  That felt AMAZING!

Since the beginning of the year, I have been struggling with getting back on track to a healthier me.  I would make progress, then slow down, make progress, slow down.  A big part of that was focusing on other things, and allowing myself to be distracted from the ultimate goal of being healthier.

I joined a Zumba class through the rec department and LOVE it!  (Well, except for the time I pulled a muscle in my tailbone… no idea how!)  Taking that class has given me the confidence to try out a few classes at the gym this summer.

I have found that the more I exercise, the more motivated I am to make better choices, the happier I feel, and the more confident in myself I become.

Here’s to hoping this momentum keeps on!


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McFatty Monday- Week 7 & 8- Standing Still

This post will have to count for 2 weeks for one.  Sorry, gang.  Things over here have been a bit busy, hectic, and stressful.  Add to that not feeling the hottest, and posting to the good ol’ blog has fallen to the wayside.

We saw a 1 lb gain last week, which has already disappeared, so we will just rack that up to good old fashion fluctuation, right?  Right. 🙂

Anyway, that pretty much just brings us back to week 6, and honestly, I am totally okay with that.

Things that have gone well the past two weeks for me are portion control- especially not overindulging; as well as getting in lots of fruits and veggies.  I think I’ve done pretty good in most of the eating habits.  (Although, admittedly, when one is not feeling well, and doesn’t have much of an appetite, it is much easier to accomplish these skills!)

Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better, and then will post more, and be a bit more focused on McFatty Monday and my ultimate goals.

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McFatty Monday- Week 6- Taking it One Step at a Time

This week proved to be one of commitment, as I had to keep myself on track by keeping my commitment to this healthier lifestyle at the forefront of my mind.  The scale keeps moving downwards people!  Another 1.2 bites the dust!

Things that went right this week include choosing lots of healthy snacks.  Fruits and Veggies are my BFFs lately, and if that chocolate villain calls my name I can hold him at bay with some chocolate milk, and not feel horrible about it.

Other than that this week is holding at a standstill, even if it has been filled with some pretty good choices.

Admittedly, my attention has been focused on school, homework, and that whole TTC thing. (posts coming soon)

So, that’s all I got this week folks.  Sorry it’s not more entertaining!  Hopefully, once the brain clears a bit, we will be back to posting some more lively things for your enjoyment! 🙂


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I Get So Emotional- McFatty Monday Week 5

This week was all about learning to NOT emotionally eat.  Gosh darn it, it is definitely something that I seem to do a lot!  And it has been a pretty emotion filled week over here!  Between stress at school, and my BFF moving far, far away, the emotions have been running wild.  (My poor husband has been the brunt of my crabbiness/tearful fits!  Bless him and his patience!)

It seems that last week’s WW meeting and Blair’s post were foreshadowing what this week would bring.  Can we say EMOTIONAL?  It was ridiculous- I was stressed, tired, crabby, sad, etc, etc, etc…  However, I am proud to say I think I made some good choices!  And my scale at home moved quite a bit down this week (I’ll let you know what WW says tomorrow).

Now, the school scale and the BL contest is a whole other story— we saw a maintain there Friday morning…  but let’s just blame that on a bit of constipation, shall we?  (And yes, I had to pay $2 in the pot… just more for me to win back later, right?)

So, I don’t have a whole lot of insight this week.  I’ve been eating lots of fruit and veggies, and making smart choices when going out to eat.  I mean I even survived a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (Read: Let’s put as many calories as we can into your meal Factory) with good choices (well, except for that Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake that I slowly ate in moderation.)  And I went out with friends and didn’t go crazy with the beers. (Now that is self restraint!)

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.  A bit anxious about tomorrow’s official WW weigh in, but hopeful that the scale will be moving down this week!

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McFatty Monday- Week 4: The Biggest Loser and Motivation

Ladies and gentlemen, we are having success!  The scale is continuing to move downward!  As of last week’s weigh in at WW, I was down 3.4 lbs for the week.  I officially weigh in tomorrow and per my home scale should see the number drop a bit more.  WOOHOO!

My goal this week was to get moving more, and sadly, that just didn’t happen!  I do not know where time went this past week, but it didn’t seem to be there to get me to move my tush a bit and burn some extra calories.  I am pretty psyched about watching the bites going in my mouth, tracking what I am eating and increasing my water intake each day.  I am feeling a bit more in control.

Blair talked about emotional eating in her post today.  And all I can say is “Amen, sister!”  I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I feel lonely, or frustrated, or upset.  It seems during those times of stress food is just calling my name.  Classic example is how after the loss of Dean we all survived on a diet of Peanut Butter M&Ms, pretzels and Miller Lite.  That is what comforted us.  That is what we consumed a heck of a lot of.  Beyond that time however, I can look at times in my life when food was my answer, my comfort, my refuge. 

Thankfully, I am painfully aware of this emotional dependence on food, and can do something about it.  Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem?  I know that through my awareness this week, I was definitely more conscious of what I put into my mouth, how much I was eating, and the whys behind my snacking.  Being aware of this was powerful, and felt good.  I truly feel like I made great choices this week regarding food!  Hooray! 🙂

Now onto a lighter note…

The staff at school have started a Biggest Loser competition.  For a $5 entry fee you can compete for 10 weeks.  Over 20 staff members are participating.  Each Friday we weigh in with the nurse.  Percent of weight loss will be posted, but weights will not be shared.  If you gain, you have to pay $5 into the pot.  If you maintain, you pay $2 in the pot.  At the end of the 10 weeks, the biggest loser is the person with the highest percentage of weight loss, and they take home 75% of the pot!  Second place is 25% of the pot, and third place gets their $5 entry fee back. 

I am pretty excited about this friendly competition!  People are totally having fun with it, and I think it will be a good motivator.  Plus, I am glad weigh ins are on Fridays, as that will be a good midweek check in from my weekly WW weigh in.  I will keep you posted as to how it goes!  I’m hoping to take home at least ONE of the prizes!

I hope the rest of you out there in McFatty Monday Land are finding successes, motivation, and new awareness as you reach for your goals!  I am pretty darn thankful for the solidarity that is felt by everyone posting about their successes.  It helps to know you are not alone, and it feels great to read someone else who may be thinking the same things you are!

Here’s to another week full of dedication, committment and good choices!


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