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We’ve Only Just Begun- 1 down, a lifetime to go!

A year ago today, I married my best friend.

It was a gorgeous day.  Not too hot, not too humid, just perfect.

Friends and family came from all over- California, Arizona, Kentucky, Pulaski, Illinois and more.

The service was perfect, other than our priest crying the entire service, and desperately needing to wipe his nose.

The reception had amazing food, good music, and a lot of beverages.

It was a perfect day.

Friday, we ate dinner where we had our reception.

Last night, we watched our wedding DVD with Tim’s parents.  Tim’s mom, Nancy got us a bleeding heart bush.  Her mother got her one on their one year anniversary, she had given one to Tim’s sister on her one year anniversary, and so we got one too.  (I love the tradition!)

Today, we ate old cake.  The banana fudge cake was quite good, even if a bit dry due to living in a freezer for the past 365 days.

The best part of today, other than spending it with Tim of course, was our anniversary box.

At my bridal shower, my amazing MOH’s (maids of honor), had each guest bring a picture of them with me, as well as write words of advice for us on our one year anniversary.  There was advice about remembering to say I love you, laughing a lot, and never going to bed mad.  The cards were filled with love… and it brought back the amazing feelings of our wedding day, a day filled with celebration of love- our love, and our love of our family and friends.    All of these words of advice, and pictures, and such, were kept in a box and guarded by my MOH’s until our anniversary.  Definitely one of the best ideas ever.  We loved reading through everything together.

One of the best things in the box was a letter I wrote 6 weeks after my first date with Tim.  I had written it to my best friend, Dean, who was serving in Iraq at the time.  It tells of how I am falling in love with Tim, all of the things I love about him, and my excitement just pours off the page.  I even tell Dean that I know Tim is the man I will marry.   (Katy, my MOH & also Dean’s fiancee, had found it when going through his things a few weeks after our wedding.)  Tim and Dean never got a chance to meet, as Dean was deployed the day after I had my first date with Tim.  But, they are the two most important men in my life.  And I am SO glad I wrote that letter to Dean.

I am so glad that Dean saved everything.  That Katy found that letter.  That I was able to capture my feelings about Tim right at the beginning, before I knew he was going to be my husband.

I am one lucky girl.

I have amazing friends and family.


an even more amazing husband.

It has only been one year, but I am ready for the lifetime ahead!



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“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kentucky anymore” and Reason #329 Why I Love My Husband

Last night was date night.

We went to a pizza place out in my old stomping grounds, enjoying the backroads and gorgeous weather on the way there.  I had the most delicious root beer ever- Sprecher, from a bottle.  YUMMMMM!

After pizza, we went to DQ- half and half dipped in chocolate for me, and vanilla dipped in butterscotch for him.  Dipped cones are the greatest inventions ever.  Seriously.

When we got home, we enjoyed some Trivial Pursuit on the Wii.  (So much better than the game board!)  Tim gets this question: “How many letters are in the name of the state that Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” is from?”  Tim spells out: ” K-e-n-t-u-c-k-y” , then proceeds to enter 7 as his answer… (Double FAIL! 🙂 )

Lucky for him he only needed 1 point to win the wedge, and TP awards points for being in the “range” for wedge questions.

I found this QUITE hillarious.

Reason #329 Why I love my husband:  He can make me laugh no matter what, and make a night of pizza and ice cream seem like the bestest thing EVER.

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This is how I know my husband loves me.

Yesterday, we FINALLY got a healthy dose of snow around here.  (I am a true Wisconsin girl.  I love my four seasons.  And honestly, this winter has been WEAK- not super cold, not tons of snow… WEAK!  but I digress…)

And although it did not bring a snow day for me, it brought one for my dear, sweet husband.  I reluctantly headed out into the winter wonderland, as he returned to our nice warm bed.  Thankfully, I did not have to teach, as I was at an inservice, so it was sort of a day ‘off’, but I couldn’t help but think of being at home, in our warm bed, and NOT being at work.  I was jealous of my husband and his lazy day, with a cozy bed and maybe some shoveling ahead of him.

I came home after battling the terrible roadways (Milwaukee Public Works do not do well at keeping those city streets clear during storms, let me tell you!) to find my dear, sweet husband shoveling.  I offered to help, but he assured me he had it and to go inside.  I was not going to argue- it was sure nasty out there!

I come into the kitchen to find a dozen roses on our table and mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

This ladies and gentlemen, is TRUE LOVE.

(You should be jealous.)

My dear, sweet husband will admit he is not openly affectionate.  But, he does love me.  He is not a cuddler, but he does little things to show me he cares.  He buys me flowers.  He takes me to Vera to cheer me up/celebrate/say-he’s-sorry.  And he buys me ice cream.

He’s a keeper. For sure.

My dear, sweet husband and me on our wedding day.


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